An interface,that is as alive as your clients.that is as transformative as your company.that addresses your users emotionally.

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Living UI is an innovative, data-driven design framework that enables highly personalized experiences for your landing pages and websites.

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We discuss with you the current status of your web presence, lead generation, targeting and marketing tools used.


We show you where potentials get lost, where action is needed and how you can use Living UI to motivate your users.

Design System

We create a set of design assets for you, from which we create landing page templates for the personas of your target group.

Framework Integration

We integrate the framework into your content management system so that you can easily create and publish new layouts and perform A/B tests.

Our data driven
design approach


Modular design system

We create a modular design system based on the style guide of your brand.According to the Atomic design principle, we create a variety of layout templates from different modules.

Labeled design assets

In order for our personalized landing pages to be effective, we group design assets by personas. This makes the user interface of your website readable by machines and algorithms.

Smart Design

Our advanced design framework learns from the anonymous evaluation of your users’ activities. We transfer the gained knowledge back into the design to constantly improve your landing pages.

Data Source 1

In order to provide your website visitors with suitable landing pages, we first have to classify them. For example via advertisements and campaigns on social media channels.

Data Source 2

Your users generate data when using the website, which in turn flows back into the system and is used anonymously by us to better understand your goals and interests.

Data Source 3

Your users generate data when using the website, which in turn flows back into the system and is used anonymously by us to better understand his goals and interests.

With Living UI you give
your customers real


Web designs in less
than 10 minutes


Use Living UI to create highly personalized experiences that impress.

We have developed a toolset to customize the interface design of your landing pages for each of your visitors. Make your website a unique experience.

Achieve a high hit rate in lead generation.

Web presences and user interfaces must be convincing within the first 8 seconds. Turn your website visitors into your customers.

Use Living UI as a state-of-the-art solution to effectively address your customers.

The framework of Living UI supports you in aligning your brand with the realities of your customers’ lives.

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